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About Us

Hi there, we are Chris and Lillian. We met when we worked at the same bar a million years ago and have been together ever since. We collected memories and gained experience along the way while working at beachside dives, exquisite restaurants, historic wineries, and various special events here in the Texas Hill Country. One thing we learned over the years is that you can be at a high end restaurant or a casual happy hour and there is nothing better than an authentic handcrafted cocktail in good company. 

When we aren't working, we truly love entertaining at home! Our mission is to show you a few techniques and cocktail recipes that can be used when entertaining guests or just unwinding after a long day. The most simple ingredients can make a lasting experience.



What should I expect at cocktail workshop?

 Our cocktail workshop is an interactive experience meant for entertainment and joy. We supply all the bar tools and ingredients needed to handcraft two cocktails, with a reduced amount of liquor per recipe. Attendees will take home a component of the cocktail that we make during the workshop (syrup, garnish etc), as well as a recipe card. Each workshop at our cottage studio is about 90 minutes. 

What are the age requirements?

Workshops that involve alcohol in the recipe are for attendees ages 21 and over only. We will not offer any alcohol to anyone under age and can not supervise children while shaking our tin cans. We offer mocktail workshops that are suitable for all ages.

I do not consume alcohol, will I be included in the workshop I booked?

Absolutely! Inclusion matters to us! We keep zero proof spirits on hand that can replace traditional spirits, or it can be omitted all together.

Do we need to register before a workshop?

Yes. Assemble Cocktail Workshop operates out of a cozy studio cottage, space is limited to ten participants for public workshops. Online booking is open until the specific workshop time, so pop over to the book-online page to see real time availability. 

Can we purchase the bar supplies used in class?

Yes! We have selected some of our favorite home bar supplies and goodies to sell in our retail section. We are also happy to ship if needed.

If you have any further questions, please reach out and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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